TOO HEAVY? Code 1 + Brass Code 1 SEs for 5a??

So, a week or two ago, I’m throwing my yoyos in the living room on an early Saturday afternoon, making sure that every throw gets some loving. And I decide that I have to switch the string on my everyday Code 1. As I go to get strings, I look at my coffee table and see one of my YYF spin top buttons on a string. I decide to try my Code 1 out with a 5A setup.

And I liked it.

So I decide to make my next “BST hunt” for a 5A Code 1. I find a good one that matches my YYF Spin Top button really nicely (I’m OCD about counterweights matching the yoyos they’re attached to) etc. But I felt like the Code 1 was a little too light. So, I literally just spent the last 48 hours looking for brass spike side effects. After scouring the forums and being told that I would have to buy a full yoyo to get the side effect I wanted, I gave up.

Turns out the best place to get the Side Effect I wanted was the most obvious spot – the One Drop shop! They actually did me one better because they had some brass Code 1 Side Effects! I didn’t even know these existed! So I just ordered them an hour or so ago.

If everything works out, I should have every component to my new 5a setup by the middle of next week or something.

Anyway, I crunched the numbers and found out that the Code 1 with brass Code 1 Side Effects will end up with a mass of 69.5 grams. That’s 60 for the Code 1 SE-less and a whopping 9.5 grams for the brass. Now, to my main question:

Think that will be too heavy?

Other yoyos, that come to mind, of that mass or greater are the Northstar and Genesis+. I’ve never really tried either for 5a. Threw the Northstar with a 5a setup and thought it was okay, but didn’t enjoy it as much as the Protostar in 5a.

I’m hoping physics stays consistent here with the idea that more mass will produce a more stable throw.

For 5a, I usually use:
YYF Genesis w/ YYJ Takeshi CW
CLYW Sasquatch w/ YYJ Takeshi CW
MinusMike FHZ w/ Duncan Yellow bouncy ball
YYJ Destiny w/ YYJ Takeshi CW
YYJ Pinnacle w/ Duncan die

Any thoughts on how you think this will work out would be appreciated! Comments from people who throw Code 1s for 5a or throw especially heavy yoyos for 5a appreciated!

Obviously, the wheels are in motion in terms of my transactions, so I’ll find out eventually :slight_smile: Just wanted to get some discussions going.

That’s the great thing about side effects: one simple(well, pretty much) change and you got a different performance out of the yoyo. The bad side is sometimes you have to get a bunch to find out what you like. I intend to get a complete set of side effects for experimentation, which of course will result in the “winning set-up” being left alone and a new set of the “chosen” side effects being left in the yoyo.

The Code 1 with the ultralites is amazingly stable. I can’t see Side Effects changing the stability. Since you’re adding weight, it might slow the yoyo down through the air, but not how long it spins. I personally like heavier yoyos, so I may stick in the brass domes that came with my 54 and put those in my Code 1. I have the aluminum spikes in the 54 and I love how that performs and feels. I’m leaving my Deitz as-is for now. I’m planning/hoping to get a Dang and Code 2 very soon. With that many yoyos using side effects, it makes a bit more sense to me to round out the collect of side effects for experimentation. The Cafe Racer, Burnside and MMN do not use the side effects system, but are still amazing. I have a MMN, a Burnside should be coming my way soon, and that means I’ll have to obtain a Cafe Racer in the not too distant future.

I figured Id post here since I didnt go to yoyo club today. I threw the Code1 with the brass Code1 SEs and I can tell you its definetly heavy. Its also crazy stable. I threw it a little and definetly different than the Code1 with Domes. I will from now on call it “The Brick” since its red and heavy. The only fault I felt when throwing is that it dives unless you bounce it up when doing Meltdown. Weighs in at almost the same weight as the northstar I throw but way more stable. I think the winning ticket on it will be the Brass spikes. Still a heavier Code1 is better than a stock one IMO for 5A. Not a Code2 but still its pretty good for a “Brick” ::slight_smile:

Just making it harder and harder for me to NOT buy a complete set of One Drop Side Effects…

My Code 1 is has ultra-lites, which I think are how they ship. My 54 has aluminum spikes, which I like how it looks contrasting against the blue, but I do have brass domes that came with it as well. My Dietz is completely stock, and I know this because I bought it NEW so there’s no question about it.

I also have a digital scale coming in. I need to know what everything weighs. Got the scale for a decent price too!

Code 1 comes with code 1 side effects.