Tons of toys, Wyckoff NJ

Ok guys, today was a really good day. My family was in the shopping center today and there is a Tons of Toys there. I decided to take my little sister and brother inside, you know, just because I’m such a good brother. (Haha no i just wanted to see what throws they had) So i looked at the yoyo shelf thingy in the corner and all they had were yomegas. Darn. But i wanted to make sure, so I asked the guy behind the counter. The guy said “Yes we do have yoyofactory yoyos! And he turned around and took 4 yoyos off the shelf. What they had were: ONE, velocity, PGM, and to my amazement, genesis. I asked how much they were and he said the genesis was 120$ (how much is it usually?) He said that the PGM (plastic grind machine) was 30$ (how much is it usually?) And i didnt ask about the other two because I already have them. I said, “Cool!” because I wasn’t expecting them to have any. I then asked,” How many people, would you say, have bought the genesis?" He said that there was only one other person who had bought it, but that alot of other people had bought yoyos there in the 80$ price range. I was curious what other yoyos that they had there so I asked. The guy said that i could order any yoyo I want from there! I was psyched! I asked the guy where he orders from and he said," Directly from yoyofactory. I work with them." At this point i was super excited. I said," WOW! Are you good at yoyoing?" And he said “no, I can’t yoyo. There used to be a club that came here every week and we had a really big sellection of yoyos, but that was a long time ago” I was upset then because I had started throwing too late to go to the club. Oh well. Anyway now I have an option to order from there (because sometimes my parents are all like “why do you need more than one yoyo? I’m not going to order it for you!”) if i really want to. I wish that there was still a club there… Oh well. It’s really cool that they had any throws at all.

My 2012 genesis was 84 and pgm’s are 34.99 usually

Did you buy your gemesis on YYE? Or YYF?


I’ve always wanted a toy store around me that could do that, but sadly the only thing relatively close to me is a Toys r us. The last throw I’ve gotten was almost a year ago and I think I’m going through a withdraw…

We have a toy store that’s a Duncan dealer. The Scholar’s choice carries some of the budget YYF stuff (got a ONE there). Not sure if either would do a custom order. YYE seems to be working well! :wink: It would be nice to see/try yoyos locally from time to time, though.

Yeah it is pretty cool, right? I wish that it was walking distance though. It is a few towns over.