TONS of stuff I need to loose, come check it out!!

I’ll be posting much more soon, but here’s just 10 for now to test the waters. I mostly want cash or PayPal but will consider trades, so offer whatever you like. I also have some wants. For more detailed descriptions/questions, pm me.

G5, 2010
Previously owned by Tyler Severance. Several dings/marks, blue stacks. $40.

FH2, recent make
Not sure what year, but it has the stock recessed pads. $15.

Peter Fish Illuminator
Odd FH2 knock-off with an Aquarius bearing. Gave this one silicone and o-rings for weight. Alright yoyo. $8.

Die-Nasty, glow edition
Not much to say, some light scuffs. $20.

Superstar, hard coat white-out logo.
Dead smooth, near mint/mint. $100.

Primo, pink grooved version.
Also dead smooth, light marks. $75.

Genesis, no engraving, black marble.
Great throw, heavily played, super smooth. Short axle. $40.

Pistolero PENDING
Idk what year, SPYY was never my expertise. Engraved rims. No bearing or pads. Can be a deal sweetener. $40.

Strange coat on this, bead blast maybe? No engraving, possibly custom or DIY. Good player. $70.

The made in china version, but still nice. Modest dings. Smooth. $50.

Wants/offer these especially:

REXTREME (!!! I’ll trade metals for these)
Phenom, Phenomizm, any Mickey throws really.
Space Cowboy
Interesting, old, rare YYJs.
New YYJs, recent models.

I’m Ron Burgundy, go bump yourself San Diego!

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