ubeyos yoyos for SALE only. prices firm. Check it out :D


Im just looking for money. I just got a new car and need money!! OFFER OFFER XD

heres the link for pics:

Skyline purple/gold splash 1 scratch through ano/ 3 pin pricks still supah smooooth 80
PGM white stacked. beater 15
Yuuksta thunder ed. near mint 55

One Drop:
STACKED Y-Factor raw. raw marks small vibe, still great throw! 40

Addict green near mint 55
SpeedFreak black stargrade 50

Mini Motu not bad condition but old main throw 20



Welcome back soldier. Hope you enjoy your time home and hope you don’t have to go again.



Bump!! If u want anything offer me a resonable price and i might let it go :slight_smile:

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