Prices added- FS/FT my collection..YYF/String Theory/ONEDROP

[s]Here are the pics.

Everything is basically mint, except the G5.

Group picture from top left to bottom right is…

Blue Y-Factor. One tiny tiny tiny scratch, literally like 1 mm long, I can’t even feel it. It wouldn’t show up on the camera.  $55 or trade

Blue/black Remnant v1. No scratches.

Black YYF G5 prison break special edition. there were only 100 made. It comes with a konkave bearing, white z stacks, black hub stacks, and clear hubstacks. It has 2 dings, about 4 mm long, doesn’t affect play…like at all. It is super smooth and playable.

Red YYF Superwide. A little scratch by the bearing…ish. I can’t even feel it and I hardly saw it, it’s like 3 mm long. It has a little vibe, but that’s all Superwides, atleast I’m honest about it…

On the way

B.I.S.T. Pegasus
YYF g5+

Everything is for sale or trade. Offer.

Wants - Split into 2 categories. The first category is the stuff I want the most. In no order.
Xcube Stampede                                                       
YYR Clash                                                   
YYR Sleipnir                                           
Turning Point Maxbet                   
Turning Point RT                               
Turning Point Positron                 
Turning Point Leviathon             
Turning Point Leviathon ii         
Vs. Newton TI Walker

CLYW Avalanche                   
CLYW Sasquatch                   
CLYW Peak         
ILYY Fury                                   
ILYY Enigma                           
ONEDROP Code 1                 
ONEDROP Dietz                     
Werrd Irony                               
Crucial Delicious

I’m also interested in a diabolo.

Seriously…offer anything I don’t care if it’s on the want list. I really don’t want any YYF (except maybe Genesis) or YYJ unless it’s a ridiculous offer.  I don’t want plastics except as deal sweeteners, I really don’t care about cosmetic damage as long as it’s not a beater. I do not want vibe though.

Everything crossed off is gone.            [/s]



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