YoYoFactory G5 2010 version FT! (new wants!)

I have a agua YYF G5 2010 up for trade. I will have pics up soon. It has little scratches from 5A but nothing big. If you buy i will send white or multi colored Z-Stacks but no hub stacks.

Wants: 888x or eight8eight (want most)
Dark Magic along with something else
Any General-Yo
Super Star

Again pics will be up soon! PM me for offers! Thanks.

Pictures are up!

will you take a legacy


I’m thinking of trading you my sili’d BIG DEAL for your g5 with multi colored z-stacks. But I’m not sure.

well, I have to clear it with my mom. And she doesn’t really want to take me to the post office. I will most likely get the OK.

i was joking about the legacy i don’t even have one

I’m going to have to say that I can’t trade my big deal, I am rather selling it if you want to buy it here is the link:

Wow lol i was just going to tell that I wasn’t going to trade for a BIG DEAL anymore. Well that worked out well. :slight_smile:

so how long were you going to keep lying?

P.S. Big deal is still in the wants. . . you didn’t want one

how a bout a black lightly used dark magic and blue hybrid hitman (no caps)

how bout meh throw monkay haha lol jk

Guys the only YoYoJams I’m looking for are Dark Magic and ENEME. NONE OTHERS! Sorry.

you stole my bump!!!