Hey all, I have a G5 that I don’t really need anymore, and I REALLY want some new YYJ. I’m really feeling the YYJ love right now.

The G5 is red, with Z-Stacks, and it is pretty much mint except for a few scratches that are miniscule. I have the cool looking box as well, and I’d include a FAST yoyo holder if necessary.

For the G5 I would love to get 2 yoyos from the following list:
Spinfaktor X**
Hitman Pro**
New Breed with Solid Spin*
Dual O-ring Sigma Blade
Dual O-ring Hitman

My ideal trade would be 2 of the 3 in my top wants. That would get #1 straight up not think about it trade.

They can be a LITTLE beat up, used is just fine, just not beat at all (ie. no dings)

I really hope to get some business! Thanks!