Tons of 90s RARE Proyo/playmaxx now Duncan yoyos Cold fusion Higby Bee Gt

All right I’m starting to sell my old yoyo collection this box is all rare proyo/playmaxx/Duncan stuff everything is way pre Duncan

1 Cold Fusion Gt all black mint condition no tin

2 Cold Fusion standard THIS IS THE ACTUAL YOYO USED BY MATT OWEN TO SET THE OLD WORLD SLEEP RECORD AT OVER 10 MINS he did sign it to prove it was his yoyo

  1. John Higby Bee Gt custom painted by higby only 5-10 believed to exist

  2. Glitter John Higby Proyo this is the yoyo that destroyed the proyo mold so only a limited number were made and then painted by John Higby

  3. Nuclear Bee limited edition glow in the dark Bumble bee

  4. Nuclear Bee Gt even more rare only a limited run of prototypes were made

7 3 X-ray Bee’s 2 very rare one of a kind transition bee these happen when one color is getting replaced by another causing colors to mix 1 was sold as a limited edition Hogtober edition and the other was never meant for sale and both sides are mixed colors 3rdi believe is just a normal x-ray bee

  1. Rumble Bee this was a limited edition again for Hogtober fest and is orange and black

9 2 limited edition Bumble Bee GT’s one is all pale blue and part of a limited edition based around a old Web board and the owner of proyo 2nd is a 4th of July bee? Is Blue and red and was limited as well

  1. Last one Higby normal painted proyo with limited edition pogs

All yoyos are in perfect condition one Bumble bee might not have a bearing but that’s all I yoyoed a lot in the 90s and have over 200 yoyos this was the first case I found with some of the rarest yoyos ever especially since Duncan later bought them in looking to sell all or 1 at a time and will entertain offers would like to sell fast will only let me post 4 pics but I have pics of all email me I’ll make a great package deal of you want all 11 I listed and include a Duncan strongbox

Everything sold (well the Record CF is pending Paypal) Thanks again everyone Ill have more cool stuff soon