Tommy Gun: Lit (light-up yo-yo string!)

This is my video from 2004 that I finally finished – my NEW yo-yo video, Tommy Gun is Alive, is not finished yet. That will have new tricks and be in HD!

I actually do want to do a sequel to this video now, in HD.

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Are these strings for sale??

I’ll try to remember the recipe. :wink: (read the end of the vid)

it’s the light up part in the Yoyo it’s causing the string to light up I might have to consider this idea for my school talent show when it’s that time of year.

Duuuuude, if these were really the tricks you were doing in 2004, I can’t imagine how good you are now!

All the stuff where you can see my face, and when I was wearing the THROW and ExtremeSpin shirts, is footage from 2004. The stuff in the Dark Knight shirt is new, but they’re all old tricks (I did most of those in my 2005 BigYo vid, etc.).

However, I’m not that much better now, because I took a loooong break from throwing (never quit, just didn’t practice much). But I’m trying to learn new stuff now!

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That’s still pretty good ;D

This. Super smooth stuff. Sometimes being newish to the hobby(2.5 years) it’s easy to forget just how good people were throwing a decade ago. Honestly one of the most entertaining videos i’ve seen this year… really makes you appreciate the old school stuff.


Thanks! If you want to see more old stuff, I have a ton of videos up on my other channel that I made in 2000-2001:

This video made me pursue a trade for a OG Hitman… Great job!

Is your name really Tommy Gun? Because that’s a bad@$$ name.

There were some really awesome hitman x’s in black with old scchool agent smith caps at nats

You should check those out

I have no money so I have to trade :stuck_out_tongue: I’m negotiating a deal for a 1/21 marbleized Worlds 2004 Hitman.

I tried it earlier this year. Got various UV LED’s and put them in a clear FHZ. Didn’t really give the effect you’d think it would. Was a waste of time/money really

I believe this video was edited to make the strings look that bright.

He dipped the strings in a paste though, I think that’s what caused them to be so bright.

Paste or not, the UV LED’s aren’t bright enough. I believe his intentions were tricking people as an April Fool’s joke

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It is insane that he could do those kinds of tricks in 2004. What he was doing would make him be considered very good now.

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Made it on True-Throw. Pretty awesome videos, one of the best I’ve seen in a long time.

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Dipped in phosphor powder, he explains it in the video. I would not put it on my tongue though.

I figured the end of the video would be pretty clear, but I also figured most people wouldn’t bother reading it, heh.

Thanks! A lot of those tricks are from much earlier. I made up John Doe Whip and Thixotropy in 2001 (youtube wasn’t around then, obviously, so postdate is later):

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