Tommy Gun: Lit (light-up yo-yo string!)

Youve had to have done crazy good at contests right? Im like… mind blown…

Actually, I think I only competed seriously one time (1999 Nationals), and didn’t make it to freestyles (that was in the compulsories era). After that I was always screwing around, using my giant yo-yo:

or using a really long string, doing all the tricks behind my back or in reverse (auto fail). I have those on video. You can see some of my giant yo-yo compulsories in the above video.

no way :smiley: how did you do that “escape” thingy in white buddha with such a larger yoyo lol:D i still got big problems with it with even undersized :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: nice video tho

:facepalm: D’OH…

No he didn’t read the text at the end of the video and google any word that might not seem familiar!

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