Tom kuhn Roller Woody and No Jive



I’m new here just getting back into yoyos from when I was a teenager. (I’m an old guy now)

They did not have non-responsive yoyos back then so I am teaching myself to bind with a new Diffusion and Skyva yoyos.

In the meantime i was also considering a couple of Tom Kuhn yoyos. I see that quite a few people like the 3 in 1 No Jives. Does anyone like or NOT like the Roller Woody? Just thinking about passing time up and down and simple tricks.

Thanks in advance.

PS. I also optimistically bought a couple of more expensive One Drop yoyos on Yoyo day. Though I am not touching them until I have the bind down pat :slight_smile:


3 in 1’s are fixed axle and roller woody’s are ball bearing. The roller woody really plays like a old fixed axle throw, but spins much longer as the string rides a bearing. The pads for them are hard to find at times. You can make your own out of sports tape and hole punch if you end up not finding them.
The 3 in 1 will require a string that is cotton, or a cotton blend, as the polyester string may melt during sleepers and ruin your axle sleeve. The gaps on these yoyos are not exact and take some figuring to make them play as you desire most of the time. There are several other modern brands that make wooden throws, I suspect you may enjoy them more, but it is hard to say. :wink:


Don’t get a roller woody, get a sleep machine instead. They are the same guts but I found the butterfly shape to be more forgiving.


Yes indeed. I’ve adjusted most of mine with stacked paper shims I cut out with a paper punch.

@Abbynormal: Should you be so inclined I have both a roller woody and a sleep machine for sale. :wink:


Just wanted to thank everyone for the advice and making me feel welcome on the forum!