Tom Kuhn RD1?

Does anyone know how well this yoyo plays? I’m looking for at least 1 wooden to have in my collection, and Tom’s yoyos definitely stand out with me :slight_smile:

It’s fairly light. Plays ok. Fun little yoyo.

I definitely prefer the no-jive over the RD’s but both are fantastic.
I’m just a little bias with fixed axles :smiley:


I want to hear more about this yoyo it looks interesting

Ehh, if it’s fixed, I dun want :confused: I’ve already got a set of laminated wood loopers to buy.

Hmm… Sleep Machine :slight_smile:

Sleep Machine info:

And comments from another time and place

(2/20/03 3:55 pm)
Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine (Laminated)

Hi, I saw a post sans reviews, and decided to give it a try. I’ve been told that I have too many yo-yo’s, I don’t believe that’s possible, but it’s an opinion, and we all have them. A lot of the yo-yo’s I bought, I might not have, if I could have found more information on them. I looked at the Original Sleep Machine, and gave serious thought to getting one, and I’m glad I held off. When I saw the Rainbow Sleep Machine, I knew that I had to have it! I like the BC Rainbow, mostly for it’s performance, the looks is a bonus. Just like the SB2, a little fiddling with the gap, got it right where I wanted it. I use Spintastics 8 count string with it, and believe it or not, I haven’t changed the disks yet, though it may be time now soon. I find it to be well balanced, no wobble, comfortable to the hand on return. Everyone that sees it, comments on how nice it looks, which is kind of nice to hear. All in all, buy one, I doubt you’d be disappointed. A good yo-yo for the pocket!

(8/20/03 8:46 am)
Re: Tom Kuhn Sleep Machine (Laminated)

Being a fan of wood and Tom Kuhn yo-yo’s I own two laminated Sleep Machines, one maple Sleep Machine, a laminated Roller Woody (actually my wife’s) and a maple Roller Woody.
The laminated Roller Woody is a special edition and this particular one plays perfectly. I tried another laminated Roller Woody and sent it back because it had a slight wobble. Otherwise, all my Sleep Machines and Roller Woody’s are great performers and have the feel that only wood provides.
I use the older maple sleep machine and roller woody without disks and am happy with the response.
These yo-yo’s can be found on eBay very much discounted these days. When possible, go with the laminated models. They weigh a bit more, and the lamination process evens out uneven density in wood for smoother play.


RD1 info:

The RD1 is basically a Sleep Machine with the sides machined

Here’s some other comments about the RD1 from another place and time.

(12/6/03 11:30 am)
Re: Can some1 post an RD1 review?

The RD-1 without rings or rim covers is about 47 gms, maybe 2 or 3 gms heavier for the laminated ones. It is fixed gap, bearing, and linen (turbo disk) TK response, the white stickers same as the ones in a SB2.2 or Sleep Machine. I haven’t tried, but I understand that one dif-pad will work also.
The main points about it: The RD-1 is very light, may feel more comfortable with the performance package installed.
For a wood yo-yo is is absolutely smooth, no vibration or wobble whatsoever and I have tried many of them.
As much as I love this yo, and I tend to carry one around for a pocket user, I don’t think that it will equal the performance of a Dif-e-yo or a Hitman. I really don’t see why an experienced player couldn’t do grinds, though maybe you would want both sets of rings on and the covers off.
I wouldn’t recommend trying to compete in the Nationals with an RD-1, but for the price it is fun, wood, performs quite well, and even can be used to loop.

(12/6/03 2:12 pm)
Re: Can some1 post an RD1 review?

I have a  blue sparkley painted RD-1.

I don’t use it often, but it really is a great yo. Like brighto says, it’s absolutely molten gold spinning on the string. It’s a very smooth yo.

String-trick-wise, it’s a little lighter than I like, but I find it helps me work on smoothness and speed. The gap is a bit small as well, so it doesn’t really take TOO many strings with ease. I prefer my yos unresponsive, and requiring a bind, and with one linen disc removed, this one’s still pretty responsive. I have not cleaned the bearing on my RD-1, something that could really loosen it up for stringplay, but that seems somehow wrong for this yo. This yo would be great for compulsories, as it’s so smooth, and is responsive enough to come back tug-wise.

It loops fairly well for a butterfly, (modified butterfly)with both linen disks installed. Not bad at all. I’m not much of a looper, but I know someone’s probably pulled off many with this yo. Yoyoworks perhaps. He’s great at looping, and is definitely a Tom Kuhn fan. Maybe he’ll link his pic of RD-1’s for you.

It comes in a really cool canister, with accessories, and I highly recommend the super pack, with the holster and the additional weight rings. Or the perfomance pack, with at least the weight rings.

Anyway, good stuff, everyone should have some wood in their collection, and you can’t go wrong with this one.