LF - Tom Kuhn Recreational Devices

I’m looking for some specific Tom Kuhn Recreation Device yo-yos including:

  • RD-1 Laminates

  • RD-1 promotional (Yo-Down, Worlds 2003, YoYoGuy)

  • RD-1 2009 editions (the one without a year)

  • RD-2 Laminates (especially the rainbow)

  • RD-2 2004 models

  • TK-60 any version

  • TK-Mini

  • RDX

I’m interested in other Tom Kuhns, but I’m researching the RD models for an article and I’m hoping to find some additional variations to cover.


Have you tried Dave from skilltoys or frank from difeyo? I know they’ve both been selling kuhns lately although some for a premium.

Tom doesn’t make, just yoyos. To me they are works of art.

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