Tolland's bst looking for one drops, spyy and clyws

I also have 50$ cash to add to any deal!!’
im looking for an arctic circle just like my old one
markmont next
spyy punchline
any fools gold clyw
code 1

Regulus by jazz yo
green catalyst used by augie fash on stage two or three anno scuffs
pink catalyst rare because it wasn’t engraved with a signature
equilateral mint used by shanon jackson on stage
rec rev octave 3
purple with teal dots one or two small scuffs
group shot

Are you looking for an Avant Garde, or something LIKE the Avant Garde?

Here’s a BST with two:,54740.0.html

I’d grab one myself if I wasn’t already gearing up for a different purchase. Since the seller already said they’re from the Mystery Boxes, I would imagine they’re on offer for a reasonable price.