Wood YoYo case sale! homemade cases!

I have one big 6 throw case and 10 single holding cases.!


I’m lowering my prices by 20%! As always trades are always welcomed.

Shipping is $5

CLYW Gold Nugget Peak 1 of 25 Very near mint. one very tiny prick. one of 10 few smooth Gold Nugget peaks as stated by,89984.0.html - 120

Hspin Vyolence The Cut MIB comes as if it were brand new. 1 of 39 selling this limited throw at retail 109

Yoyofactory PGM stackless dyed black with blue splash, yellow dots on the side. 12 9

Yoyojam Atmosphere white not mint with some scuffs on the rims. - 25 20

*Buy the Atmosphere and the PGM together for $25 shipped thats like getting the PGM for free

ILYY Mary 09 MINT 90 72

One Drop Limited Edition Chaz Project says chaz project on rims super smooth great condition except 4 minor dings with box. 75 - 55!!

Seeing Red SALE the Mary 09 and the Chaz Project can be had for 125 shipped!!!


Yoyofactory Raven 888 good condition 99% of dings in the pic. very smooth - offer - SOLD
ILYY Enigma Prepro MINT 75 60 SOLD
Audley L4 or luminous stacked blue to silver fade brand new mint great throw - 50 35 SOLD
Aoda pirate brand new mint kk bearing-35 25SOLD
Team Edition Sasquatch Mint perfection nothing else to say. 120 TRADED
CLYW Turtle Frost Marmot rare color couple scuffs nothing major can barely feel them. 80 TRADED
Spyy Spyder Superhero Edition super smooth 2 dings 55 TRADED
Aoda Dancing pearl brand new mint kk bearing surprisingly smooth -35 30 TRADED
One Drop Project 1 clear sodablasted good condition some scuffs and lots of pinpricks on the rims nothing major - 60TRADED
Spyy Trainwreck V2 MINT gold and purple 50 TRADED
OG Projectyellow stacks gunmetal gray-army green ish super smooth comes with box mint 10ball bearing! 90-TRADED
Hattrick half trifecta green and half gray nationals i guess you can say its one of a kind. mint super smooth with 10 ball 95-SOLD
Galactic Goose mint darker one aigr bearing. 85-TRADED
Green Skywalker near mint one pinprick 10ball bearing 90- TRADED
Green/Purple Skywalker i call it joker edition :slight_smile: near mint one pinprick inside the purple hub. 10ball bearing 90 -SOLD
one drop m1 polished rims stacked green/orange super smooth 45-SOLD
ilyy canflon lime green lio rare near mint 2 barely hard to find flat spots very smooth 100-TRADED
ilyy noctu candyblasted near mint condition. pinpricks 80 TRADED
alchemy cu and nimbus both in 4dingss cheap -20--SOLD
yoyojam purple legacy mint - 15-TRADED

Shures SCL4 mint practically brand new, these were warranty replacement pair. will come with case and eartips theyre white. great headphones will change the way you listen to music. very good soundstage good highs and mids decent real world lows. made for clarity but with still decent bass MSRP 250-100 shipped

Livescribe Pulse 4gb pen! this is a great tool for all students or everyone in general. i bought for my sister as a gift but she didn’t really use it since all her notes are posted online. sucks for me…=\ i paid 190+tax for this, it was barely even touched, comes with everything thats include like new except for the box and manuals but you can grab manuals online, in addition i will include 5 special notebooks which in it self costs 20. selling for 120+10 shipping for flat rate box.
heres the link to their webpage.

PSP black model 1000 so first gen. its been hacked so you can download games to it with a mem card. also it will come with the charger a 1gb memory stick duo.and a case 7-10 games depending on how many i find. its a great system in i think good condition. 100 shipped.

all throws come with chaos string, cleaned bearings with one drop v4m lube

international, alaska and hawaii please contact me for the shipping price.

please pm me with serious offers. i only accept paypal.

i will post pics when i can.


CLYW Sasquatch, Avalanche, Elliot Jackson Peak
VsNYYC TiWalker
YYR BB’d Pink Stargazer v2 or BB’d Purple Messiah
YYF Supernova


new pics bump :slight_smile:

(Mack) #9

Galactic Goose taken by ME ;D

(system) #25