To strip or not to strip...

Traded my Capless for this iPod. Not really fond of the cracks, though. Should I strip it?


You can replace the glass without destroying it…

I’m glad this thread wasn’t about what i thought it was about…

The LCD has some dead pixels so I’m replacing that as well.

I’m going to cry! Because of the beauty!

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Why would you trade for that? Did it bust in the mail??

I have an Ipod 5. I would not trade for anything. :-\

The glass shards of an iPod touchscreen make really good arrowheads.

I would imagine he traded for it because after replacing the cheap screen that sucker will resell for 150 to 200.

Me too.

That’s the plan! :wink:
Though I don’t think I’ll get over $100 for it.

Doubt it, you can by a 4th gen new for 195 on amazon, and a 5th gen new for 295 (approx.) he might get 65-100. Depending on the gen. I only got 80 on a 2 gen with an iPhone cords and other items.

It looks like a 1g 2g or 3g, what gen is it? Not 4th there’s no camera that I can see.

yeah I’m not up to day on resale :frowning:

2nd gen, 32gb.

I’ve also got 3 iPhones I’ll be fixing over the next week ;D

This is why I bought an OtterBox. -_-

UPDATE! The screen came in today, but not LCD :frowning:

Tested the screen and found it to be working. Woohoo!

When my IPod5 breaks ill send it to you for a chief :).

If it ever does, it has a OtterBox :).

Thats pretty cool! My buddy took his apart and put some lights in it somehow so it has light coming out the sides from under the glass haha

Please do not strip, lol unless you live in New York.

and you play guitar.

in times square.