To shirt or not to shirt that is the question.

People of yoyoexpert I throw out a question that has plagued my mind for the past week. I know of a little place where I can get shirts with custom logos made. If I made shirts to promote Nor Cal Inspired strings would you buy them, or would I be wasting my time. I’m thinking right now about 10-15 would ship depending on size. Yeah they charge by size. And I’m thinking Tall Tees cause those are sick. Any who let me know.

Werd thanks for the imput. Well once I can get the design I will show it off. With the general feed back I know now not to make any extras, but if someone is interested once I get a basic design I’ll have an option to put a shirt in with any order.

It really depends on how the logo looks, what color(s) the logo would come in and the color of the shirt, Tall Tees are quite comfortable so I am with you on that but I can’t say one way or the other until I saw some previews :stuck_out_tongue: Kudos for the idea and effort though. :smiley:

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Im all for it but yeah i need some color combo previews and stuff like that but anyways GREAT IDEA and I’ll wear it ;D