To how many continents have you been?




I’m all the continents.


I have only been in the United States and Carribean, so North America for me is all that I have.

But, my grandparents have been to all seven continents, all of them multiple times except Antarctica and Australia. Awesome stuff they bring back.


I’ve been to 4 continents :slight_smile:


Well where I come from we see America as one continent, but if you want to be technical, then I have been to the 3 parts of America.


I have been to Europe and I live in America so 2


continents? I thought the world was just 5 countries, U.S., Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, Europe and Asia.

(I kid, I kid.)


Em I hope your kidding.


There are only 2 Americas. Northern and Southern.

7 continents total.

North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Antarctica, Australia.

Personally, I’ve never left North America.


Nope there is central America also. Most people forget about it and it is not part of either north or south America so making it the third section.


I’ve been to 5
(Every one but Australia or antarctica)

Hopefully I’ll be going to Australia for my senior trip!


I’ve been lucky enough to have been in two! I got to travel to Europe a few years back ;D

Also, just throwing this out there, Central America is not it’s own continent. It is a region, but not a continent


Why would you hope I’m kidding? That makes no sense.


North America is where I live, knocked off the third time in Asia this summer, and also went to Europe (Italy) this summer.


There are 7 continents not 4.

EDIT: Whoops my stupid mistake I thought you said “All 4 continents” I will keep my mouth shut next time I apologize.


Central America is more of a region. It’s part of North America and not a continent.




Depends where you are from like I said. It’s not considered a continent cause it’s so small, but North America starts from Mexico all the way to Canada. And Central America is from Guatemala to panama, but in the US it would be considered part of North America, but it’s really not.

Take what you will from it


I already said that it was considered part of North America. I’m just saying that where I come from it is only just America no Northern or southern part, but yes I know it is considered part of North America.