Different country yoyoing

Does anybody live in a different country than the US or anywhere in Europe. I live in the Dominican Republic (even though I’m white I still do) and I wanted to see if anybody lived around here so I could yoyo with them.


Yes that is definitely a different country than what I named

You asked if anyone was in a country other than the United States or European countries. Don’t give him lip for giving you an answer. If you were only interested in people that were in the Dominican Republic, you should have prompted your whole post around it to avoid confusion.

One of the main issues about using sarcasm over the internet is actually not using it at all, yet having people mistake you for being sarcastic. Woop woop wooop wooooop.

I wasnt giving him lip, I was just saying that he is correct

Call off the dogs. I didn’t read his response as “giving him lip”, just acknowledging Canada is indeed another country other than the U.S. he hadn’t thought about.

just a piece of advice for the future: people might take that as sarcasm if it’s worded like that. not saying anything bad about you, just it might give the wrong impression.

I do not live outside the U.S. I live in New England.

I mistook that for snippy sarcasm.

Also I don’t have any dogs at the moment so whatever.

I did too at first. :stuck_out_tongue:

I live in the Yonut Republic.

I was thinking of the little guys in your sig.

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