TMBR yoyos

What is your favorite TMBR yoyo and why? I have never used a TMBR, but people say they’re pretty good.

Lovejoy, it’s big, good weight, and plays very much like a bearing yoyo. When the walnut axle breaks in, which doesn’t take long, it’s very unresponsive. Not so much that you forget that it doesn’t have a bearing, but enough that you can do some serious tricks even with a fixie.

Fixed axle? How long does it sleep for?

Dude… sleep time depends on throw… there is no set sleep time for any yoyo. It’s different for every person. A professional can make some cheap duncan yoyo spin longer than the noobs here who have chiefs.

yeah, but friction will also make a difference. I could go into specifics, but the general idea is that the string rubbing against the axle will create resistance and stop the yoyo. A ball-bearing throw is designed to have much less friction, and won’t slow down as fast, thus increasing spin times.

That much should be obvious to anyone who has played with a yoyo, but SR is right; there are no set times. That’s a fact, Jack. The full answer is that the type of tricks are clearly limited with fixies, however, the limitation is more in the mind than the actual ability of the yoyo. Don’t buy into the sleep time hype. If you’re worried about sleep times, you’re just not the type of person who would ever be interested in the natural style.

Of the ones I’ve tried, I like the Fremont best. Baldwin is a very close second. A Lovejoy is at the top of my list of yoyos I want. If you’re considering buying a TMBR, do it. It’s the best wood yoyo you can buy.