Titanium Genesis


Hey all!
I love the genesis and I also love titanium yoyos. however there is no Ti genesis. so I was wondering what Ti yoyo on the market currently is most similar to the genesis shape?

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The Tiwalker, although it’s rare to find one these days. :’(


I love the Genesis too, and there are all these different versions (even a small one kinda in Yuuksta). 7075, bi-metal, hubstacked, small bearing, different weights. So, perhaps we should lobby for a Ti Genesis to add to the Genesis collection. I’m with you! But, don’t sleep on the titanium Shutter. I think you’ll love it. Great performance you love in the Genesis, but titanium and ultra smooth too. Go for a titanium Shutter.

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Japan Technology Rebira is as close as I have seen. It has wide, flat rims like the Genesis.

Like the Genesis, the Rebira is a beast of a yo-yo.