Titanium, Bimetals, YYF, OD, CLYW, 2Sick, Axis


Looking mostly for trades, but any offer will be considered! PM me for any further details on anything!  PLEASE MESSAGE ME ONLY MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. Thanks :slight_smile: :smiley: :smiley:

What I have:

Axis Salti - Near Mint - One scratch, otherwise mint and smooth.

2sickyoyos Blitz - Near Mint - A couple barely visible machining marks. Smooth.

Recess Vacation - Near Mint - 3 miniscule machining marks near the bearing seat. Super near mint
and barely noticeable. Smooth.

CLYW Fools Gold sasquatch - Mint, smooth.

YYF Nine Dragons - Near Mint - a couple marks here and there, very minimal damage, minimal vibration.

YYF Too Hot - Marks here and there. Decent amount of vibe but definetely still playable.

OD Vanguard - Mint, smooth.

Dif - E - Yo Internal Turmoil - Scratches from the Raw finish.

Yomega Ooch Smoov - Mint, smooth.

Yomega Kerrari - Minimal damage here and there. Smooth

YYF Protostar - Mint, Two small color distortions, little bit of vibe.

YYF Replay Pro - Near Mint - Two small scratches. Smooth as a plastic gets.

What I Want:

OD Topdeck

Unprld Ignite

C3 Krown st

C3 Radius

YYF Edge


Pictures Below!

If this ^^^ link doesnt work for anyone please let me know. Thanks :slight_smile:


I got some trades for the sasquatch if you interested and the i think the aquatic life are B-Grade fools gold?for slight vibe right? and fools gold normally meaning ano flaws

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