Some Sweet Throws & Dope Ear buds FT (some FS)

I have some throws for sale or trade. The throws with prices are obo and are also able to be traded for. Make an offer!

Throws without price tags are TRADE ONLY. These are throws that I do not want to sell. I only want to trade them for other throws.

CONUS only pls. Shipping if making a purchase is $6 for 1 or 2 throws, $10 for 3 or more. If trading, shipping is handled by shipper.

These are the throws I have currently for trade or sale. Thanks for looking! Bf_throws~

C3 Omnitron NMTBS a bit too floaty for my taste TRADE or $70

CLYW Snowcone Metal Yeti light scratches smooth TRADE or $40

BreadNButter Co. Flying Dutchman 2 small scratches smooth fingerspin dimple works perfectly! TRADE or $45

Duncan Freehand AL NM SMOOTH TRADE OR $30

Yoyofactory Zodiac NM SMOOTH TRADE OR $30

Yoyofactory Bimetal Superstar Black Gold Halfswap NM SMOOTH TRADE ONLY

Yoyofactory Kommune USA made NM SMOOTH TRADE or $40obo

Iyoyo x hspin x failure is unknown Pyro TRADE ONLY

G2 Big Boi $55 or trade

$5 add on with other purchase or trade. First come first served. Trade must be fair.

NM Iyoyo Passion $35 or trade

Yoyo factory Uppercut MIB $30 or trade

Top yo Silenus $15 or trade

Pdx yo swamp monster two small nicks can’t be felt $50 or trade

Axis Yoyo design EX! $40 or trade

2 sick serenity NM Dead Smooth $40 or Trade

1 More Tru Wireless Earbuds $45 or Trade

My wants list is extensive, but at the top are these throws:
-c3 berserker max, finger spin, edolass
-sf movement, cadence es, motive, BFF
-unprld cognition, coglite
-Reykjavik return tops mjolnir
-retic return tops death adder
-2 sick knight, crusade, wide bidmetals not promotion or decoy
-iyoyo impact
-g2 arbiter, GBP
-Pdx yo Batsquatch 7068
-yyf will, grind machine 2 w stacks, g5 w stacks
edge infinity
-sengoku nobunaga, hattori, masa mini
-outlier 2
-Yoyofriends peregrine
-fallen angel bimetal
-vosun uncia, other smooth bimetals
-any ti yo-yos lol
-freshly dirty rooster
-Duncan orbital gtx, grasshopper gtx, haymaker x
-Patrick Dressel assassin
-oh yes yo lust & other Bimetals
-Jake bullock Slam Dunk


Some bomb stuff here eat it up homies. Trade me some cool bimetal throws

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Bump. Got a couple people interested in the Akita but no one has made an official offer with pictures and descriptions of the trade. OFFER UP BUMPS


Any marks on the Silenus?

Pm please. But yes. The Silenus plays well, but has ultimately been reduced to a quality beater. Bout 7:10 smooth, couple dings. Pm me for further photography

Bump! Still got plenty of stuff! Trade me something nice for the Akita 28 stories!

Bump, looking for smooth bimetals. Top yo, Iyoyo, c3, unprld, clyw wildfire, SENGOKU, YJYOYO, Ace yo, Zeekio, hmu!

Also looking for a gbp or brass arbiter. Also a rrt death adder. Also a Reykjavik Mjolnir. Thx

Bump. Interested in Zeekio bimetals and unique mono metals

I have a topyo encores if you’re interested

Pm me. Depends on what you want, but I would be interested

Bump! Added a NMIB Butter. Plays amazing, just not in my top 15. I would love to see it go to someone who will cherish as I have. I’d trade rn for an edge infinity or edge beyond. Or a sengoku nobunaga, iyoyo impact, g2 arbiter, sf bimetals, g2 GBP, stuff like that.


Bump! Still got plenty of good stuff! Looking for cheaper bimetals, any bimetals, preferably smooth, or close to it. Top yo, I yo-yo, magic yo-yo katana, BI, or z01 focus, yo-yo zeekio, ace yo, Duncan, yyf, whatever bimetals! Hmu!

Bump, looking for vosun uncia and other smooth bimetals. Also looking for a Patrick dressel assassin, and freshly dirty rooster.


BUMP added a couple things! Keep in mind, I am only accepting trades or cash. I am not looking to purchase at this time. Bimetal shutter, Bimetal superstar, decoy ss, some really great stuff! Trade me or throw some $$$$$ :grin:

PM sent

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Found my clyw and Flying Dutchman I misplaced. Both amazing throws that need new homes, offer any trades! Preferably bimetals! Looking for a rooster, ace yo Bimetals, YYF BIND PLS, yyr, unfriends peregrine, c3 edolass and Bimetal crash, yyf edge infinity or beyond, sengoku hattori nobunaga or oni, any bimetals. Even cheap ones for the cheaper items I have for trade.