Some Sweet Throws & Dope Ear buds FT (some FS)

All I got is what’s listed thanks tho .

Bump adding yyf pragma, Duncan grasshopper gtx, haymaker x, and orbital gtx to my wants list. Lmk!


Added a mowl surveillance. But be warned, this throw will not be leaving my collection easily. I reserve the right to be extremely picky with what I want to trade this for.

I’m thinking along the lines of

  • PDX YO Batsquatch 7068
  • Sengoku Hatori, Nobunaga, Oni
    -G2 GBP
  • Patrick Dressel Assassin
  • fallen angel Bimetal
  • c3 edolass
    -turning point counter jet
  • something Bimetal
    -yyr Bimetals
    -yjyy Bimetals
    -yoyofriends peregrine
    -unprld coglite
  • list to be updated as I think of more throws higher on my wants list. But these are the main ones for now. Thanks for looking!

Bump! Basilisk and Silenus sold!

Bump looking for good life gully 7068

Bump, looking for slam dunk, g2 arbiter & gbp, SF motive, c3 edolass, pdx yo batsquatch, yyr Bimetals, yoyofriends peregrine, Duncan orbital gtx, only smooth throws pls.

C3 Omnitron added for trade. A great throw, just a touch too floaty for my style of play. Reminds me slot of the hummingbird but not as weighty

Prices updated, some prices added to previous TRADE ONLYs. Buy the Surveillance for $120 and the Omnitron for $70! Hey!

Surveillance Sold! Bunch of stuff left, offer up! Deals on multiples !

Bump. Looking for an sf motive and other sf Bimetals. Not a cf tho.


Bump. All items shown are fair game! Nothing pending atm! Bundle deals and offers welcomed!

Bump. Decoy ss gone! Still some great things here!

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Beats gone! Looking for a smooth YYF Bind. Im not worried ab damage…within reason. Trade me for something!