B grades are fine as long as they’re smooth
If you offer trades not on my wants it will have to be in my favor

Other titanium or ti rim yos. Will trade well
Battosai- works. Cherry blossom, perfume cloud only
Fools gold

Gnar. Very near mint. I have found 1 pinprick. Blue with silver splash. No box

Og avalanche. Pretty beat and inside polished but still plays fine. No box

PENDING—Chief. Very near mint with box. Tried to get pic of damage. Barely there. Gold with white speckle. Has box

Foxy moss arctic circle. A few nicks but still super smooth. No box

PENDING—Yye summit. Mint by my eye. Has box. Added later so scroll down for pic

… And if anyone needs some clear z stacks or a d sized kk let me know

I also have an extra chief box I’d trade for an ac or gnar box


Summit pic