Gimme them Japanese and Tis


Just realized how much I need premium Japanese and titaniums in my life. Don’t hesitate to ask for 2 yoyos for one of yours.

Valkyries and Draupnirs
Turning Points
Most high end Japanese throws
Chiefs in cool colorways

Mint Krown. I can dig around for the box if you want.

Mint Iceberg Gnarwhal 2. I have the box and sticker.

Triton. Idk the colorway. It’s in good condition, but not near mint or anything. All is in here, but the main yoyo pics are below.

Blue Benchmark V - Mint, bought directly from the OD Factory


Update : I also have a vcube 3x3 pillowed. Its really smooth, but I have never lubed it.


I will trade my rec rev @ for the werrd hour. Here is one of four images (each will be in a separate message cause file sizes too big to attach in one)


Here is second of four images


final image


bump(i have been offered a mib chief to be traded for both spyys. guy is currently sorting out money troubles and posponing trade. If you want both, please make a better offer.)


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Thought i clicked modify. sorry.


Offer CLYWs!


I have the new Gentry Signature model prototype, what are you willing to trade for it? It has a barely visible scuff from accidentally rubbing it on carpet, but otherwise is in near-mint condition. I’ve played with it for about 4 hours total.

NOTE: I can easily take the stickers off if needed (unless you want to keep them on, that’s cool, too.)


PM please

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