Fs/t titanium ricochet !!!!!!!!!

For sale or trade. Cash is king at the moment. Make an offer. If it’s reasonable I’ll probably take it. Trades I’m gonna be picky with. Feel free to offer things not on my wants but don’t be too shocked if I pass.

Yyf ricochet- no dings or scratches. Some normal raw marks. Smooth fast and a great player. No box $150

SOLD Wrath first run. Dead smooth and mint with the tube and goodies. Amazing yoyo. SOLD

SOLD Fools gold gnarwhal. Plenty of damage but nothing that effects play. Must have been fg for anno because it’s super smooth. SOLD

Trade wants:
Got a banjo in your closet? Let me know :slight_smile:
Nintendo dsixl or 3dsxl

What kind of psp do you want?

I’m open to offers. Of course I’ll value them accordingly

interested in any old school stuff like a cold Fusion GT with tin
Mint condition

Want a banjo?