LF: Trade for a Titanium

Hi Guys,

I’m looking to trade for my 1st titanium throw. Interested in pretty much any titanium (condition doesn’t really matter since it’ll be a daily carry) Below are a few items up for trade. Cash can be added as well. Possibly even a 32gb 2nd Gen Moto X smartphone for ATT or Tmobile. Shoot me some offers and let’s see if we can make a deal :slight_smile:

UP for Grabs
YYF Hectic - Played
YYF B-the-Adventure Shutter
YYF B-the-Adventure Horizon
YYF B-the-Adventure Czech Point
YYF Space Cadet
YYF Black and Red Splash Horizon
Sengoku Kenshin B-Grade
OD Mango Rally
CLYW Chief
2014 Moto X Pure (32gb with Leather Back)

Still looking.



There is a guy on r/throwers selling a b grade ti dream for $90. I suggest you pick that up. The Ti Dream is one of the better ti yoyos out there that isn’t super limited.


I give the same advice … if you hope to find someone interested in exchanging a yoyo titanium (whatever it is) with what you have you … or he must be crazy, or it will never happen.

Thanks for the advice but if possible I’d like to follow the rules of the BST and keep posts on the thread to a minimum. Cheers.