Ricochet, wrath, fg gnar, benchmade bali


My c22 is my favorite yoyo. I decided there’s no need for my other throws if I had 2. So I’m looking for another as a every day carry. If it’s not mint or missing some stuff that’s fine. This is the only trade I’m looking for - unless you have a very nice banjo, but let’s face it, you don’t. :slight_smile:
Might be interested in a dsixl, 3dsxl or psp

Ricochet. Standard raw marks. Never been walked. Smooth fast and a great throw. Surprised there’s not more hype about this thing. No box, just the yo. $150

First run wrath. Smooth and mint. With tube and stuff. A collectors dream wrath. $110

Fg gnarwhal. Plenty of damage all around but smooth as can be. Must be fg for anno issue because it’s the smoothest gnar I ever had. $60

I have a benchmade 51 bk balisong. Has box. If you would be interested in this you probably know what it is. Pretty much the finest Bali still in production. Contact me for pics and details. I would sell or trade this. Feel free to offer other trades. Cash wise I’d be around $175


What for the puffin

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