Hello zombie thread! =D

Edit: Just realized it’s a sticky, no wonder it zombie’d. =P


Heh. And that was last year.


Don’t ever stop throwing, even if you leave the forums for such a long time.


this is so true. I just learned boingy-boing, and haven’t been a forum regular for ages


don’t throw unless you want to


Thats a good one stephosh ;D


Having trouble getting a knot out? Use a needle to loosen it.


Having trouble with sloppy execution? Play kendama and or responsive for a while, then go back to your Draupnir. It will make a world of difference.


Having trouble getting a knot out? Get a new string (#lazyAmerican)

(rizkiyoist) #190

Have a lot of strings, too lazy to change, grab a different yoyo instead.
First world problem.


Don’t be embarrassed to throw. Most people will be impressed, even if you don’t think you are that good.