Tips on how to do P.a.o.b.r.s.

Anybody know how to do p.a.o.b.r.s.?

Saw the Paul Kerbel tutorial on one of the forums a while ago. I keep watching the tutorial on YouTube, but he’s going way too fast for me to understand what he’s doing. Anybody know this trick? Any tips? If anybody’s got a slowed down tutorial vid for it that’d be awesome.

i know how u feel bruh,

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Nice. Thanks. Hopefully this will help.

The easy way to do the exact same thing is get into a trapeze, than pull the strings apart like you would in an iron whip. Then swing the yo-yo over the two strings twice, and land it on the top string. You then can do the “bridge-like” thing, and drop it into a GT. Hope this helps! :wink: