Tips for the best silicone job

Tips to silicone the best-

What is the best silicone to you?

How long should you let it dry?

What tools should you use?


I use normal RTV silicone, or any silicone in any color should be fine.

Usually the tools I need are:

Tissue paper
Toothpick/ card (any solid card)

How long should it take to break in?

Best silicone? Well, I like the Permatex Windshield sealer, the clear flowable stuff. That’s what I like to use.

How long to let it cure? It says 24 hours. Wait 24 hours. It even says so on the package. With flowable, it’s self-leveling, so the first few hours are critical that it spends like 98% of that time flat. The first 2% is for doing the work.

Tools? Since I’m using flowable, tools are minimal. I transfer silicone to a infant oral syringe to minimize waste. I may or may not need a Q-tip with acetone or mineral spirits to clean out the response recess, and maybe a paper towel to clean out the recess of adhesive broken down by the solvents. A toothpick to scrape out stuff (if necessary). A pin to remove an existing pad. I like to use the backside of otherwise scrap printer paper to do my work over. I also like to use a glossy business card for removing excess silicone. I also use the paper towel from earlier to also clean up other excess silicone that wasn’t in/or the groove.

Break-in time? I usually don’t have an issue with break-in time if I remove the excess. 10, 15 minutes tops, if even that.