Timeless in the USA


So I havebeen sponsored by the yoyo company Timeless yoyos for a little under a month now and as the only US yoyoer on the team I got their first Top 3 at a US Contest in the companies history :smiley:

Please take a look at my freestyle and tell me what you think, I’m just the start of the companies expansion to international waters but its a start none the less.

As Always the feedback is greatly appreciated


About time you got picked up :smiley: good job!!!

(Jerrod) #3


(Waylon) #4

If that was second place, what in God’s name did the first place winner do? Yoyo like that standing on his head?




I think it was Zach Gormley? He probably won because… hes Zach Gormley.

(Waylon) #7

I just looked at Zach’s first place freestyle with my son. I liked everything about Dylan’s way more. Zach rocks, too, but I think Dylan killed.


Killed it Brah’

I think I was screaming for like half of this but the audio cut me off.

(Kei) #9

Yeah, I was surprised to see your certificate having a “2nd” on it at the ceremony.
In any case awesome job! Are you going to nats?