Time where you are?


So. This is how it’s gonna work. I’m going to post the time in Hong Kong (Here) and the people who see this post just after I post will post the time where they are to see the awesome diversity of country people here. K? It’s now 6:40 here




What time is it there, @Jtho0ct?


now 7:23 here

(Justin Thompson) #6

0540 here in the state of GA at the time of your post


The newest one or original?

(Justin Thompson) #8

Original. Its currently 0635 and Im headed to work. Livin the dream baby!

(Justin Thompson) #9

Thats 6:35 a.m. on a 12 hr clock

(Nathan) #10

I think it was 5:37 here in South Carolina at the time of the original post.

(ChrisFrancz) #11

I only work 1 mile from home but the time at work moves much slower than at home so I am totally confused. It could be due to a lower level of gravity under the building where I work.

(Justin Thompson) #12

Ok I was 3 mins off

(Evan Landreneau) #13

Right now, it’s 1:16pm (I’m in Louisiana)

(Samuel) #14

Mine is like 8+ from gmt



(Samuel) #16



The time where I am is currently twelve minutes past the twelfth hour of the clock post meridium.


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