Time traveling Yo-Yos

So… What would happen if I were to take a Shutter to the 1990s? Would it kill economy or would Yo-Yos now be flying saucers? Share your opinions!

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Yoyos would now be flying saucers


Sometimes I’ve wondered how far back I’d have to travel with my Sleipnir to be able to win worlds :joy:


I actually heard about a yoyo design contest back in 1997 in which the yoyo that can spin the longest wins… Horizon would kill the mono division


I’d say the sport would be much more popular, tricks would be more advanced, and competitions would be bigger.

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I’m sure we all have :joy:

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Edge Beyond would destroy everything

Lmao they so had this novelty division “Widest usable yoyo”… Maybe the Atlas or the Monster Edge

Too much power! No one would have known what to do with it! It would have officially been a broken yoyo that didn’t come back to your hand! :laughing:

I think what is more impressive would be able to travel back to the 90s with the knowledge of what is ‘possible’ even on some of the classic bearing yoyos in the late 90s. Could have blown people’s minds even on those classic throws!


I read a good idea for a story once.

An atheist decides to take a time machine back to the Middle East 2,000 years ago to prove that Jesus wasn’t divine and there is no such thing as miracles.

But then because of some funny situations and circumstances with the modern stuff in his travel bag (his cell phone, a powerful flashlight, a bottle of antibiotics) people think he is performing miracles and start following him around saying he is the son of god and a new religion is formed around him.


A wise sage once said “We are all sons of god traveling through time in our bodily machines.”

I have thought of a similar story. A man goes back in time to meet Jesus. (I f I had one wish, this would be it).
Upon arriving Jesus walks up to him and says “Oh, youve arrived. You will now go by the name Judas Iscariot. You know what must be done”. Then he winks at him.