I you had a time machine...

Imagine… If you had a time machine that could take you and one yoyo back to the 2001 World Yo Yo contest (first one at Rosen Plaza)…

  1. What yoyo would you bring?

  2. What would you do there?

  3. How do you think people would react?

  4. How do you think that your trip would change yoyoing today?

They’d see how good I am. They would quit. Janos would an accountant today.

  1. Can I just bring my case?

  2. I would yoyo.

  3. They would wonder what that logo on my bag is. (That logo being YYE’s)

  4. I think that Andre might have founded YYE earlier.


I have the ability to travel through time, and I use it to go back and compete in a yoyo contest?


So how old are you really?

Me too. To see how old I really am, go look at my profile page.

Did you just answer yourself?

Id go back and buy as many renegades and FH1’s as I could. And learn elements from Jason Lee.

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Resale value, though.

Personally, I’d rather go back to 1998-1999 Worlds and watch the THP greats. Even though I’m in the same boat as Josh; I also want to learn tricks from Jason Lee, I’m going through a transition where 2A is gonna be my main style so watching THP is more appropriate for me.

darn. thought id be the first one to make a “buy every FH1” comment.

  1. idk
  2. backflips
  3. groupies
  4. groupies maannn


If I went back in time I’d make sure I kept track of my calculator during the past month because I srsly can’t find it right now wtf where is it omg


I’d bring a responsive classic orange with yellow caps, or blue with green caps, and all the money I could scrape together to buy apple stock. In 2001 it was under $10 per share, and right now it is over 500. I would increase my net worth by over 50 times on the trip. I might do a little research to find a better stock growth in that time, but that would allow me to live a different life upon my return. Turn $200k into $10M, and while I am at the bank, walk the dog with my plastic yoyo jam.

hmm… I guess it would be interesting to see a newborn baby yoyoing.

I’d go back and stop myself from selling my Ti Walker.

A hitman. Or an 888. They would think I was a freaking wizard.