Time to get Excited about YYF


I know many of you may not be fond of YYF but you have to tell me this looks AMAZING. It looks like they basically took the old design and widened it to allow them to take the mid/high wall off while maintaining the shape making it more competition ready.


Oh snap…

Scoopin’ that up for sure.


Looks sweet!!


There’s no doubt about it, YYF makes great yoyos. Though I do like the look of the old one more.


The new one looks like it’s going to be a competition beast. It’s got that low wall sharp H Shape so many good throws have nowadays…


I like the original with the higher wall quite a lot, and while the new one looks amazing, I’m sure it won’t play quite like the original. Even if it doesn’t, it still looks to be a good yoyo.


Yea the shape’s definitely better but that extra width is a little too much for my liking…


You need to get to a charger ASAP.


Exactly. I dig wide sometimes, but most of the time 42-44 is the range for me.


Too wide, but will most likely play great none the less.


That is really nice. I’d like to try one.


I really need to try some YoyoFactorys as well as other companies.

(Q) #13

Definitely looks like a G5. And Superstar. And Skyline.


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What does this even mean anymore?

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And I’m still waiting for the new G5…


I gotta agree with a couple other folks here…this is REALLY wide. Like, too wide. Seriously, this is the widest throw I have ever seen (it used to be the SUMMIT). I think the width of the ProtoStar kind of pushes it (like 43mm), especially for tech.


That looks awesome it looks great! It looks like a Di Base a little bit.


Yea, anything past 44 is excessive IMO


I do really enjoy the SPYY Revenger, which is even wider at 48mm; however, they designed it with “yeah, this is a wide yoyo” in mind, rather than creeping up the width factor under the guise of falling into the “standard” range.

I wouldn’t ever totally rule out a yoyo for being wide (even the Superwide was fun!) but it definitely gives me pause.

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Eh, the summit is 46 and doesn’t feel too wide. But I mean it’s like 2 mm…