Time Till Competence

As many of you are, I am often asked how long have I been yoyoing. I think deep down when people ask this they are wondering how long it takes to achieve competence with a yoyo. People assume it takes a very long time to become amazing.
I theorize that it probably only takes a few months for the average person to become competent at yoyoing.
So if we define “Competent” as “able to perform and combine intermediate to advanced level tricks”, and assume a person is interested and plays for at least an hour a day, How long do you think it would take for a person to become a competent yoyoer?

I’m guessing 3-5 months. Does anyone have experience teaching or learning that will corroborate (or disprove) this?

I think it was just shy of half a year for me before I felt “competent” enough that what I was doing would impress someone watching. Then when they would ask “how long did that take” and I said “around half a year” they always thought it would have been more time than that.

It helps, though, when people are told that its usually a bunch of simple motions and maneuvers strung together, and the difficulty comes from precision and space clearances.