Time for me to Ask an interesting question.

Wait, he can do that? (starts keeping an eye out for another Puffin)

I don’t have an answer to the question but I wish there were more A/D bearing yoyos (haven’t thrown a D bearing but I’m hoping to own some eventually). The only small bearing metals I own are a Bassalope and an 888. I consider the Bassalope to just be a strictly superior yoyo with a small bearing. The 888 plays phenomenally but I can’t necessarily say it’s better or worse with an A bearing as opposed to C.

The last A bearing yoyo I can remember being released was the Exit 8 which looked great but got very very little press before being discontinued (would love to buy one for the right price…). There have been what seems like a growing number of D bearing throws lately though.

Greg. as Much as I wish be could, it’s probably not possible.
Go check my response to MYNAMEISZENs post!
It explains why It probably isn’t possible