Time for me to Ask an interesting question.

I was wondering. What do you guys personally thing is the best type of yoyo for slacks and rejections?
Shape, Weight, Bearing size,pad size etc.

I think a wider, round yoyo, with a D bearing and matching pads would be idea.
Rounded shape for smooth rejections, D bearing for extra spin power, so rejections don’t diminish speed, and a wide shape for catching the slacks cleanly

What do you all think? :slight_smile:

I would think that the YYR Fragment would be pretty up there. D bearing like you said, and it was designed for Ryosuke Iwasawa, who loves his slacks and what not.

I have one, Fabulous for most slacks. Just not rejections imo.
Due to the crazy V haha!


Thats gonna be Yummy.
I’ve been eyeing it for a while…


Steps to getting the yoyo you want.

  1. Buy a Puffin
  2. Send it to Landon
  3. Have him mod it to take a D-Bearing
    Vwala. You have a wide rounded, d bearing yoyo.

Duncan Barracuda got the stability and speed for slacks. I tried H.O.T too and i think it is also good.

Here’s some pictures:



I don’t have too many D-bearing yoyos. I think this, a Beysick and a Duncan MoMentuM. This plays like a C bearing as far as general handling, but with the increased spin times of the smaller bearing, but with none of the negatives people normally associate with D bearings.

Square Wheels changed my mind about H-shapes with the Royale, and did the same with D-bearings with the Rex.

The artifact has a d bearing. I’m not sure about the slacks but it plays really well.

I. I might need to ask Landon for a favor now…
Nah. xD
But In all honesty, the Puffin would be ruined if I tried that with mine.
The walls are darn thin as it is!

And Studio. YUMMMMAH

What is the issue with D bearings?

Basically a d-bearing skywalker?

Nothing, D-Bearings are great and increase spin time.

No issues. My all time favorite bearing.
Its just, Modding a C bearing yoyo to a D would wreck the yoyo.

and YoCyanightYo.
Maybe? I might prefer a bit bigger, and the rims look a bit distasteful imo.

Then why do most yoyos come with size C bearings if size D is flat out better?

They aren’t flat out better. It’s a matter of preference. Personally, I prefer size C. That being said, I’m not opposed to D bearings.


It’s only better if the yoyo is designed for it.

Not exactly a like for like, but the A-bearing Bassalope I feel plays better than the C-bearing Bassalope.

I haven’t played my friend’s D-bearing Sky Walker, but I have a C-bearing one. In this case, it does appear that the yoyo was adjusted a little bit in the design for the different bearing, and I mean more than just the bearing seat, recess and response recess.

Exactly all of the above!

I just prefer D bearings more. Too bad not many yoyos are D bearing. So I settle for C haha :slight_smile: