Tiko make your prototype, link added 5/22


not sure where to put this but saw this 3D printer that is getting rave reviews at only 179.

it is all cloud based and has  SMALL FOOTPRINT but  does good sized items…


Whoa! Cool!

I’m intrigued by the thing. I’ve wanted a 3d printer for years now, but at that price I find it highly suspect. I’d be more likely to pay a little more once it’s been out and people have reviewed it.

Annnddddd there goes my money.

a friend is going to see someone who has a test unit and he will report back.

I just think that for under 200 bucks, to have the ability to create your design is awesome…

have been looking for some time but at hundreds or thousands of bucks way out of what I can/would pay…

will let you know.


For yo-yos, maybe this is the future: http://shop.auroralabs3d.com/products/s-titanium-1

If the Kickstarted was still up I would have snagged one. Want one soooo bad now haha.

You can stil buy one.

I would have grabbed one if I had seen it in time, jeez 99 bucks…


their pre-order is coming and they may do a bonus percent off for pre-orders

The Kickstarter ended.
So you cannot…

lol clearly a lot of you have never used a 3D printer. Not near as easy to get them working perfectly as it seems. Not to mention with something like a yoyo there’s a decent amount of engineering involved to actually get it functioning in an even semi-reasonable way.

clearly no one said it was easy but it would be a heck of a lot of fun at that price point plus my guess is that we all have friends with skills we do not…

fun regardless…


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found this today from CNET:

interesting stuff from the 3D printer show in London…