Tight Summit

So I got the CLYW Summit. I wanted to see the inner workings of it so I tried to twist it apart…and it will not come apart. I have twisted really hard (counter clockwise) and am afraid of stripping the axle. Am I the only one whose Summit is really tight? Thanks in advance for any help:)

Well, it won’t come apart or it’s just turning without separating? You probably are stripping the axle, but it can easily and cheaply be replaced. Just keep turning.

It’s very unlikely for you to strip the threads on a Side Effect YoYo, and even if you did, you could just buy a new pair. Side Effect YoYos are often very tightly screwed together so the YoYo is smoother, just try harder.

Ya learn something new everyday :).

Never mind. I twisted it as hard as I could for a few hours and it worked. Now my hands hurt.

Yup. Stripping it is no big deal considering it is only ten bucks to fix.

Eh, 10 bucks isn’t cheap :).

It’s cheaper than $115

In the 1940’s.