TIGER, Dingo, Replay Pro etc2

Don’t really use these to much anymore, so I need to get rid of them.
20181010_103959 20181010_104022 20181010_104054

First up is a Iyoyo20181010_104251 20181010_104146 TiGER , dead smooth titanium throw, no dings whatsoever. May have light marks from being in my pocket with other item but no dings, only have thrown it over grass and carpet. Looking for 150 or best offer for it.

Next up is a One Drop Dingo, half gold half raw polished, this one two is ding free, sanded and polished the raw side and with the 10ball bearing it is SMOOTH. Looking for 60 or best offer.20181010_104419 20181010_104439

Next is the Yoyofactory heist looking for 40. It’s a fun little throw just don’t use it much anymore. If you have never thrown a little throw before this would be a great opportunity to do so and you get it for 20 bucks less than what it’s going for online.20181010_104340 20181010_104329

Last is the Replay Pro, it’s mint, looking for 10 bucks.20181010_104317 20181010_104310 20181010_104302

Willing to do combo deals.

I have 2 mint 2017 Popstar Yoyo halves I am willing to let go for 10 bucks, no bearing no axle, maybe I can throw them in with the right offer if anyone is interested.

Prices are shipped in the US.

PayPal only, not looking for trades.


I guess it’s time to BUMP lol.

If it was the gold TiGER I would bite. That thing fascinates me.



I almost got one of those.


I’ll take that Replay Pro off your hands. PM me PayPal info and I’ll send it over.


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I just sent you the PM.

I got it. I sent you money within minutes. Please let me know if you received it.

Keep this kind of thing in PMs guys, no need for public replies about money transfers.

I agree, that’s why I am sending P.M.s😉

Replay Pro is GONE!

Just a little friendly bump here.

Just a bump, will to negotiate on the prices a little bit more, don’t throw 'em much anymore, looking to get rid of them.

Here is what you could do to that TiGer…


woah! that’s super pleasing to look at


Beautiful, just beautiful. It’s not going to be mines anymore soon though got an offer for it.

Dingo is gone, TiGer is almost gone/pending, only the Heist left, about to close the thread.

Have some black 2017 Popstar Halves I will let go for 10 bucks.

Heist is gone… Only the Popstar Halves are left. Mods you can close this if you want to.