Thumb hops

Has anyone ever tried hopping the yoyo (while TGing) from one thumb to the other? It seems so obvious it seems like a few people would have done it… But i think it looks pretty sweet! Even though i’m not so good at it… So i guess the stupid question is, has anyone ever done it? And if not, try it.

I can juggle my yoyo from thumb to thumb. :stuck_out_tongue:

I do that all the time. It seems people that dont yoyo tend to be more impressed by a standard IRG though.

I think this is what you mean :slight_smile:

No, i mean popping it up in the air and catching it on the other thumb.

Now that would be cool :smiley: I’d like to see someone do that.

I used to do that a lot, but now I try to work a grind into a combo if I do one and it’s kinda hard to work in. :\

I sometimes can pop it into the air and catch it, but it’s really hard :frowning: I would love to see a video of someone doing thumb hops, though :slight_smile:

EDIT: I think Andre does a thumb hop in this video at 0:45.

Sorta like in the vid, execpt you would repeat it and pop it higher.

Oh, okay, I get what you mean now :slight_smile: That would look great in some people’s yoyo vids. (Hint, Hint…)