thumb grindds


every time i try do do it my yoyo flips the opposite way in need help

(Zer0) #2

what do you mea it flops to the other side. be specific. if the grind area is small tilt the yoyo slighty towards you


you just helped me i have a grindmachine

(Nova) #4

To show that you helped him, you should press the “Thank You” button above his post. :wink:


And since Nova was so kind to suggest that, Zer0F3AR should thank Nova. ;D


And I think we should stop talking about who to give thanks to.


Giving thanks isn’t a mandatory thing. If he wants to give thanks, let him, but otherwise, don’t try to control the options people have.


Because this is a free worldin which everyonelives by what they choose?.

(Nova) #9

Haha, yes.

Looks like he’s got it anyway, rendering this thread rather pointless. :smiley:

(Zer0) #10

I wonder if he should thank him… whoever he is…
anyways its cool