Thumb grindable?

I’m getting the eyes from the OneDrop DownBeat, Though I’m not sure about something. Does it comfortably thumb grind?

I got to throw an orange Brown Beat and I forgot to check the thumb grindablity of it but judging by the lip it looks like it should be on avg/good for thumb grinds but even if its not that thing still plays awesome and I would definatly recommend it.

I personally haven’t tried it, but just by looking at pictures the lip looks like it would work pretty darn well. Especially with a little bit of a tilt in your throw (which always helps in thumb grinds) I’d say it’d be a winner.

Thanks guys! I figure if I can thumb grind a Cypher, the DownBeat ought to be able to.

Yea shouldn’t be a problem have fun :smiley: