Thumb Grind 2 Triangle?

Hey Guys,
Does anybody know how to do a thumb grind 2 green triangle? (to be more specicfic: start a TG, and whip or slack the strings around to drop the yoyo in a GT.) I think I’ve seen Andre do it. I have been trying to figure it out, but I am not getting anywhere. Is it even possible?
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Like this:
But thumb grind instead of Hand grind.

Here is one way.

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Go into a wrist mount. Pop it out to the front, and you will get a triangle. Thumb grind the yoyo, and land it on one of the strings on the triangle. You have a gt. Not sure which string you will be holding, but you have to try both. This is because from a wrist mount, its easy to twist the triangle. So just use trial and error, theres only 2 strings.


Thanks guys! ;D