throwmonkey mod?

are there any cool mods that you can do to a throwmonkey?

You can re-paint it.

There aren’t that many mods for certain Yo-Yos.

Silicone recess
Pad recess

can you tell me more about how to silicone recess the throw monkey?
because i already try it but it doesn’t work…
the throw monkey also don’t have enough depth to silicone it.

That’s where the “recess” part of “silicone recess” comes in.

i don’t understand…
can u explain it more detail??

What don’t you like about it that you think a mod would fix?

It means that you put the each side of the the yoyo on a lathe, turn on the lathe and use a sharp tool to shave the recess EVEN deeper. After you’ve done that on both sides, you have a deeper recess which allows for siliconing the yoyo.

Well, there are other, less expensive ways of doing it, but thats the gist of it.

I know Mr. J modded a throwmonkey, but I don’t remember exactly what he did to it. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you asked him though.

I did the Chunky Monkey mod with a silicone recess and I slightly cut to around to bearing seat so it would take a Hspin/SPYY size bearing. (the yoyos it is compared to are a Project and a Bolt) I used a drill, a file, and some different size screwdrivers. Simply put, it plays amazing and the mod went really well.


Edit(I know the silicone recess looks really bad but I fix it.)

what are the less expensive way?

what are the less expensive way?

I used this drill set up for my Monkey mod.

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