Throwdown contest live stream or videos?


Where can I find them? Thanks!

(yoyobro!) #2

They said on their Facebook page that the feed would be through Facebook. I don’t have any link yet sadly. Anybody here in the US is going to have to pull an all nighter to watch live! Not sure if any of you guys know this but as I understand it the voting system is going to be a little different than normal contests, people at the event as well as those of us watching the live feed get to vote!

The schedule is as follows:
(Japan time)

3:10 pm Opening act “SPINATION”
3:30 pm Opening
3:45 pm Tournament First Stages
5:00 pm Tournament Second Stage
5:45 pm FUTURE BOYZ Live

5:55 pm Freestyle Session
7:00 pm Tournament Semi Final
7:30 pm Tournament Final
7:50 pm Award and Closing

Hope this helps!

(yoyobro!) #3

Here is the link for the stream: you will have to make an account