Throwback Thursday Special Release! The Spintastics Tigershark!



Spintastics created the TigerShark in the late 90’s, which you may have already guessed from the killer logo and holofoil caps. This is a ball bearing string trick yo-yo that was a top performer of its time. It was even used to win the 1999 WYYC 1A Championship title!

This yo-yo is an excellent choice for that fun old school semi-responsive play style. It has a starburst response for tight binds, a wing shaped profile for easy trick landing, and Weight rings for long spin times!

*NOTE: These yo-yos are new old stock. They have never been opened, but they have been sitting for a long time. Bearings may need a little maintenance to break in properly.


If only this was a fixed axle!


Replace the bearing with a third spacer.